• mail
  • track
  • stats
  • customers

back office system

  • all segments in one console
  • fully networked application
  • automatically downloads trading files
  • integrated web services
  • can send SMS/E-Mails to clients autmatically

The Reckoner 360° Back Office System is wholly automatic back office system software for Trading Members of several stock, commodity and derivatives exchanges in India. This product is a set of Windows Applications, Web Applications and Enterprise Services . When joined this set can sets you free from your day-to-day activities by automate them.


personal accounting system

  • total home accounting
  • investment tracker
  • trading accounting
  • financial ledgers
  • balance sheet and trial balance

Reckoner 360° Personal Accounting System is one stop solution for personal and home accounting. It can also be used by small and mid-sized businesses. With its integrated investment tracker you can also keep track of your investments e.g. equity stocks, commodities etc.


corporate accounting system

  • total accounting solutioon for large businesses
  • customised reporting
  • integrated to web
  • tailor made solutions
  • works on LAN and WAN

Reckoner 360° Corporate Acccounting System is a tailor made product for large industries and business houses. You can have this product as you want it. Using the powerful accounting engine of the Reckoner 360° Business Software Family it delivers a greater productivity.